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May 7, 2019 @ 4:25 am

A Guide on the Different States That Make Legalize Weed According to 2019 Predictions and Outlook

The use of weed has been increasing in the world today because they can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. However, the use of such products depends a lot on the state and if it is legalizing it. For example, it comes to recreational purposes, only in 10 states that this is possible and went comes to medical uses, only 33 states. Therefore, it is clear that legalization will enhance the use of such products and every state of the opinion which comes to this. this is where you find that many legislators continue to look at both economic and health benefits of using marijuana products and as they investigate, many of them and joining the rank. You can read more below to discover which states legalizing weed next.

Connecticut is likely to be one of the next states to legalize the use of weed especially by changing the legislation in the near future. this is something that can be predicted especially from the recent interview with the Gov. elect Tom Lamont who said that it is the highest time that the state consider legalizing the use of marijuana. In the support of funding of the opioid treatment programs, the Gov. elect said that there is the need for new systems to tax and also to regulate cannabis across the state.

Another states that are likely to change the opinion on the use of recreational and medical marijuana is Minnesota. Tim Walz, who took the office the other day has also promised great changes for the citizens especially comes to the use of recreational marijuana by promising the citizens to make some changes. It was against the use of such from the very beginning but now has the promise to help in repairing the state economy through a new policy that can create new jobs as well as tax revenues.

You can also anticipate the change especially when it comes to Illinois. The incoming governor literary made a campaign speech in front of cannabis dispensary and this was a great indicator. Many analysts have said that this is a great indicator of the support that he will offer when it comes to the legalization of this product.

New Jersey might also experience some changes, especially from the governor Phil Murphy. The campaign started in 2017 and that is why you find that both the Senate and assembly committees have passed legalization legislation on this. You also may expect some legalization of the use of weed in New York and you can always read more about this to discover more and also in New Mexico, and Rhode Island.

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